Treasure at the end of the Rainbow…

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‘Treasure at the end of the Rainbow’

Digitally enhanced illustration

Art of Newham complete Veronica Rowlands

Mexican direction……

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My Mum got her Christmas gift a few days late this year….I’ve been working on a new artwork for her, I took inspiration from the Matrioshka Dolls, ethnic art in her house to create new characters…this piece has a mexican feel.

Working on this Artwork has made me so excited I now plan to create a series based around these characters: mini canvases with little mice riding cats, dancers, flamboyant florals and large pieces showing whole stories.


Human Suffering…..Girls continued……

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My new Artwork on the theme of ‘Human Suffering’ is developing nicely, at the moment the viewer is semi presented with the image of two girls wearing the same vintage inspired yellow, mohair jumper sharing the limelight

Human Suffering


As it develops it changes further from my original idea of two women fading into a mist (one pulling the other’s hair) in fact  the original image of the changing woman is only a ghostly image which isn’t completely visible…’s funny how  an Artwork follows it own path and the concept becomes more obscure but is still based on these deep feelings/ideas.

Veronica’s Wall……

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I was extremely touched having been sent a photo of my friends Wedding gift up on their wall! In their words ‘Veronica’s Art Wall’….a wall with not only the wedding portrait up but my handmade greeting cards in frames:

Wedding Portrait

A finished series..Vintage Dolls

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A finished series: ‘Vintage Dolls’ … simply back to the source of my muse…the Doll!

Vintage Doll Series 10384125_10152431202527982_6297888902126906792_n 10397818_10152431217502982_8182172274328255948_n 10418894_10152431202707982_8512457043479108066_n 10437640_10152431210982982_6156591236441876517_n  10534585_10152431211812982_4738763015859844967_n



Now for scanning and framing!

Acrylic, emulsion, gesso, ink and collage on paper.


A childood dream….evoked

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I know I said I was finished before but in true Artist style I painted over elements of my two new pieces and fluorescent pink is predominant in each.

I kept on looking at them and thinking they needed a lift, need a splash of childhood (this could be created using a gendered colour).

This fluorescent pink instantly takes me back to childhood admittedly I wasn’t your standard Barbie playing little ‘Princess’ I loved the idea of being a hero female knight, I played with ‘My Little Pony’ as well as owning a sword & bow and arrow made for me by my grandfather, I was still feminine and ‘girly’ but aspired to be a strong woman…a hero.


Now anything Kitsch…anything showing vintage dolls makes me feel nostalgic, it takes me back to this place where anything is possible, I was free to dream and safe…..


Veronica Rowlands 'Dream Abstraction' 10177981_608887639195244_6127196241858371860_n[1] 10255717_608951589188849_2134740955311636263_n[1]

Surreal Fashion Dolls all finished, framed and photographed.

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The final step to the completion of my ‘Surreal Fashion Doll’ collection after framing is to have a photo-shoot; this shoot was taken by talented photographer Daniel Campane:

It’s now just over 1 week until I start as a Debut Contemporary Artist, these will be exhibited for the first time in June (Exhibition opening 5th June 2013).

Veronica Rowlands - Surreal Fashion Dolls

Veronica Rowlands - Surreal Fashion Dolls

Veronica Rowlands - Surreal Fashion Dolls