Petit Miracles

Vegan, UK made cushions

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My vegan friendly, UK produced cushion collection, now available in Petit Miracles Hub (Shepherds Bush), Things British (Greenwich) and my Etsy shop

Flamingo Cushion photoWhite Rabbit Cushion finishedAlways be friend cushionTree of LifeSpace Doll Cushion Photo

Window paintings

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My window paintings at Petit Miracles are looking super vibrant…so many stories are appearing on the glass as it develops…

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Painting the Escalators…..

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One of the most fun jobs I’ve ever done has to be painting the escalators in West12 for Petit Miracles…admittedly standing and drawing at the top of a still escalator was rather dis-orientating…






West 12 Panel painting for Petit Miracle Interiors

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My glass panel painting upstairs in West 12 Shopping Centre are looking super vibrant….all that’s needed now is for a background colour and some text…

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Fashion Illustration…..starting point

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Working on Fashion Illustrations ideas to be used as vinyl floor signs for Petit Miracles….
They all start as simple ink drawings, adapted on tracing paper and different elements placed together on the computer…


Doll 2 floral dress

Glass panel Painting at West 12 Shopping Centre

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Great week painting the glass panels inside West 12 Shopping Centre for Petit Miracles …the glass paintings have proved most popular!

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West London Artist Residency

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Want to let you into some exciting news I’ve not told you about much….I’m starting a residency in West London next week, for which I have planning permission from Hammersmith & Fulham Council to adorn their streets with stencilled illustrations leading people upstairs in West 12 Shopping Centre to Petit Miracle Interiors …..the shopping centre is also turning off escalators for me to graffiti stencils of trail onto, bringing footfall into the shop.

The following week I’ll be painting their windows and will have a launch night (date tbc) to celebrate the residency and my work being stocked in Petit Miracles.
I’m just designing the floor vinyls and graffiti stencils now, I’m thinking a trail of magpies leading to the hidden treasure which is the Home Hub…