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Roy Litchenstein inspired art class

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Look at these wonderful Roy Litchenstein inspired, Pop Art characters my year 7 Art class have created…..students were introduced to Litchenstein’s work, then given a 50’s comic book illustration which they went on to re-draw on a large scale and colour in areas painting dots with cotton buds and areas of block colour.

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Pop Art Lesson

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I was rather proud of the work my year seven class produced on Wednesday: learning about Pop Art (Roy Litchenstein).

Each student was given a small 1950’s comic image and then re-drew it on a large scale using cotton buds dipped in acrylic to create perfect dots:

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‘Human Suffering’ Exhibition

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Hello everyone,

Update time……..my new work for the Human Suffering exhibition at Debut Contemporary Gallery has taken a sharp twist:

Girls, Girls, Girls


Combining two of my favourite things: embroidery and Pop Art………I wanted to convey my thoughts on how females (sometimes) treat each other, although all appears to be sweet on the outside: https://missvdesigns.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/how-women-sometimes-treat-women/ this is something which dominates my thoughts a great deal! Also with embroidery often being viewed as ‘woman’s work’ I felt it highly appropriate for this creation.

Mixed Media: Acrylic, gesso & embroidery on canvas

Once finished this piece will be exhibited alongside work of the talented Debut Artists at Debut Contemporary’s PV ‘Human Suffering’.

Human Suffering