Pug dog

Cutty Sark Pug

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Meet “Cutty Sark Pug”……. He’ll be available as a Ltd Edition A4 Giclee print at Things British (Greenwich) soon…

Sailor Pug finished blue sky

Off the wallpaper………development.

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This morning I finished off two new pictures; the initial illustrations are taken from ink drawings on my Interactive Wallpaper, which I have gone on to trace and colour using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, what excites me so much about this project is how each individual black & white Illustration has so much potential and can be developed in a multitude of different ways.

Spot the lady from the wallpaper…………. developed with an Art Nouveau edge.

Veronica Rowlands Interactive Wallpaper

Veronica Rowlands Dogs & Owners

Veronica Rowlands Interactive Wallpaper 2

Queen of Kitsch card copy

Queen of Kitsch

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I’ve had a fun day today: I’ve scanned all characters from my Interactive wallpaper and have been developing them further (I’m rather attached to this little lady as the initial illustration was inspired from a photo of me as a child running though  a field of flowers with my arms in the air  wearing a pink jumper just like this one)……..nostalgic day.

Queen of Kitsch