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Spring Imaginings

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Hi guys, if you’re free at all next Saturday (25th) there will be a show of the children’s work whom I’ve been teaching Art to for 6 months at Rosetta Art Centre.
I’d love to see you if you can make it along…..


Textile Workshops

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So proud to see the banners from my workshops (children) at Green Street Library and Harold Rd Centre (Adults with learning difficulties) on the procession at Green Street Festival today…

Mono & screen printed banner, following theme of local people/culture

Banner 7

Banner 8

green banner 1

Mono & screen printed banner, following theme of Upton Park Market and local foods/specialities…Created during a series of workshops for adults with Leaning Difficulties at Harold Rd Centre.

Puffer fish

Yellow banner 2

Green St 2


Practical Fashion Course

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I’ll be teaching Fashion Illustration & textiles on the ‘Practical Fashion’ evening class at Rosetta Art Centre in May (still time to register).

On this course you will learn make your creative Fashion Drawings into garments and how to print and embellish them to create desired affects using hand embroidery and print.


Fashion & Character Illustration classes

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Saturday is the last ‘Fashion & Character Illustration’ Class (8-11 year olds) at Rosetta Arts for this year – it has been an incredible ten weeks and the work created by the children so diverse.

I teach my students a process and see how they develop the concept into their own piece; this ten week project had to relate to a Fashion Drawing or a new character/super hero.

The images below were an experiment where the students painted a square piece of cotton with white gesso and then drew their characters onto the fabric using oil pastel and acrylic paints….since these photos have been taken I’ve taught them to sew and they’ve been using appliqué onto their Artworks.

Veronica Rowlands Textile classes Veronica Rowlands Textile classes (2)

Veronica Rowlands Textile classes (3)

We have now photographed all of their artworks from the ten week course and in the final lesson will heat transfer (using heat press) their best works onto tote bags – teaching them possible ideas for development and Surface decoration.

Fashion & Character Illustration classes at Rosetta Art Centre

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Yesterday I started teaching an eight week Fashion & Character Illustration Saturday School for gifted 8-11 year olds at Rosetta Art Centre:

I have another super talented class this year! We started yesterday creating one minute, continuous line drawings and then spending time developing them further with collage. I absolutely love this Fashion forward Illustration by a year 5 student…………..a Fashionista in the making!

Veronica Rowlands Fashion Illustration teaching

Fashion Illustration Evening classes

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I’ve been busy planning for Fashion Illustration classes which I’ll be teaching at Rosetta Art Centre (Stratford) from 16th January.

I’ve chosen ‘Vintage’ as the theme to run through the course which will allow students to apply their own style and creativity to their pieces and they will put their ideas into context using a variety of processes. Here are some Illustration examples (for different collections) to get the creative juices flowing.

Rosetta Art Centre  Fashion Illustration course

Veronica Rowlands 1920s evening wear

1920’s collection – eveningwear; intricate line drawing shows the intricacy of the garments and elegance of this look.

Veronica Rowlands 80s daywear

Casualwear inspired from Kitsch 1960’s prints onto 80’s style oversized sweaters and jumpsuits – created from collaged drawings and coloured with felt-tip pens to give the look a fun, childlike edge.

Veronica Rowlands Fashion Illustration

Quirky outerwear inspired from 60’s prints, wallpapers and kitsch objects; coloured using felt tip pens to create a playful, young feel with a vintage twist.