Walking my Giraffe

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Just popped ‘Walking my Giraffe’ in my Etsy Shop

Walking my Giraffe

A finished series..Vintage Dolls

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A finished series: ‘Vintage Dolls’ … simply back to the source of my muse…the Doll!

Vintage Doll Series 10384125_10152431202527982_6297888902126906792_n 10397818_10152431217502982_8182172274328255948_n 10418894_10152431202707982_8512457043479108066_n 10437640_10152431210982982_6156591236441876517_n  10534585_10152431211812982_4738763015859844967_n



Now for scanning and framing!

Acrylic, emulsion, gesso, ink and collage on paper.


CPG Gallery Annual Open #29

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On Wednesday I saw one of my ‘Surreal Fashion Doll’ series up at CPG Gallery for the first time:– where it is being exhibited as part of the Annual Open #29.

The Exhibition finishes on Sunday 1st December so I strongly recommend going along for a look; it is a wonderful exhibition showcasing over 350 Artists work, with a hugely diverse range of styles and mediums.


‘Once, in a Dream’ – transition

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Here are some updates on how the first painting from my ‘Once in a Dream’ series is coming along; this piece is proving extremely time consuming due to the intricate detailing and beading onto such a large piece (60×30 inches) though admittedly I’m really enjoying spending this length of time on a single piece and the therapeutic qualities of intricate beading.

I am going to start working on 1 or 2 more pieces for the series over the coming days so they can feed inspiration into each other. Inspired by dreams my next ideas will include elements of surreal landscapes and bizarre animal sequences.

'Once in a Dream' - transition 'Once in a Dream' - transition (2) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (3) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (4) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (5) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (6) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (7) 'Once in a Dream' - transition (8)oo


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Tomorrow is the opening night for exhibition ‘BREW’, (Goswell Rd, London)

I’m packing up and preparing my now complete ‘Alternative Tea Party’ painting, here’s a sneaky peek; note the dapper Mad Hatter!


An Alternative Tea Party’

This painting was created using acrylic, ink and pastel and was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’, a surreal fantasia.

My fashion illustrations are always inspired by vintage dolls, to which I add a contemporary twist. My Alternative Tea Party, which was inspired by Tim Walker’s fashion photography, resulted in this concoction of curious and whimsical characters.




I always have my original paintings scanned so I can make Ltd Ed prints; I had this one scanned at Clifton Print Services (Bristol), they are very friendly and always provide a top service:



RWA Open Exhibition – My entries

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Last day to apply and I decided to enter 2 pieces into the RWA Open Exhibition: my signature 7ft fabric Space Doll Banner and one of my ‘Surreal Fashion Doll’ paintings (exhibiting the original piece(s)


Limited Edition Prints

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I’m going to get some more A3 Prints (Ltd Edition 50 of each with Certificate of Authenticity) made up this week :