Poplar DLR Outreach Project

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This is an outreach project which I’ve been working on for several weeks. The individual illustrations have been created by Tower Hamlets based community groups (including local primary schools, classes for elderly participants and a few of my own characters).

The image represents Poplar; past, present and future, from the suffragettes in East London, the current, constant redevelopment work and new high rise flats and the future of the area: further construction and jobs for local people.

Finished DLR ppl sml LOW RESI have a finalising meeting on Wednesday morning and the finished result will be put on permanent display at Poplar DLR station. This is a local station to me and it feels very exciting and a privilege to be involved in the making of something so close to home.

Visual Art Saturday School

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A few lovely things made by children in my lessons on the Visual Arts Saturday School at Rosetta Art Centre……

Self portrait mono-type


Three colour Mono-type

Continuous line, left handed and timed drawings were taken to create an abstract Artwork from the gallery, these images were then traced to create a three colour mono type….


T-Shirt portrait prints

Students worked in a group to make a background pattern/ resist from collaged paper and masking tape which they screen printed onto their T-Shirt, then used a stencil created from a self portrait session to print over the background pattern…


Gunta Stoltz inspired Artwork

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Abstract pattern design inspired by Gunta Stoltz …I got carried away starting a demonstration for my yr8 students….

1743505_10153333041047982_269662820172120322_n 12111954_10153333063472982_2063551490448876985_n

Roy Litchenstein inspired art class

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Look at these wonderful Roy Litchenstein inspired, Pop Art characters my year 7 Art class have created…..students were introduced to Litchenstein’s work, then given a 50’s comic book illustration which they went on to re-draw on a large scale and colour in areas painting dots with cotton buds and areas of block colour.

10418521_754781334605873_7225397011003003306_n 10429305_754781321272541_4161045442933960531_n 10562951_754781261272547_548725531820149944_n

Stress Busting Colouring workshops in aid of ‘Breast Cancer Care’ & ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’

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Friday was my last ‘Stress Busting Colouring workshop’ at CGP Gallery, In which I have run six workshops altogether (one every Friday during the school Summer holiday period).

I created a new roll of Interactive Wallpaper for these workshops in which families have been dropping into the gallery to add their mark to……..What a wonderful few weeks it has been! the development has been mapped onto the wallpaper as it’s grown, becoming brighter, flamboyant and even chaotic in places….I LOVE IT!

Please keep an eye out as I have been discussing some exciting fundraising plans with the people at Beating Bowel Cancer this wallpaper is just the start.

I’d also like to say a huge Thank you to all of the adults and children who came along and contributed to the wallpaper, you really have brought it to life!

Interactive Wallpaper workshops 10378307_666928800057794_6192983948910618522_n 10404190_669374766479864_2661445592865523107_n 10418994_666928760057798_6248610059527323259_n 10492087_658858070864867_7896512367948400202_n 10525990_666928913391116_7497955801470083793_n 10559738_658858124198195_4193449312956153955_n 10559812_666929000057774_5930819516915074988_n 10561671_669374143146593_1723076298995645796_n 10592871_669374499813224_2665452134316374076_n 10592908_669374833146524_6204154612810872676_n 10600406_666928960057778_7675282984863797210_n 10603359_669374223146585_3531516604841954530_n 10603483_666928856724455_2076546102728731088_n 10603666_669374763146531_2958080909739877230_n 10615566_669375399813134_2886363041796397942_n

Art as Enterprise

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Apologies, I’ve been a bit slow updating my blog (my old computer literally fell apart) and today my new Mac arrived so I will be keeping you updated with what I’m up to…….

On 28th- 30th July I ran a three day ‘Enterprising Art’ Summer school for young people aged 11- 14 at Rosetta Art centre, which had fantastic results…….there were some highly skilled young people on my course!

I wanted to teach the students skills which they could re-use at home to create commercially viable products.

We started the course with timed continuos line drawings  on the theme of ‘My London’ and what this means to the individual albeit: Culture, Fashion, Art, Architecture etc.

Afterwards students made initial mood boards on their desired concept, a series of potential designs which were printed onto heat-transfer paper and ironed on to T-shirts and tote bags. Students were then taught a selection of hand embroidery techniques to work into their pieces. To finish they created a series of Fashion Illustrations and final mood boards as if they were to be presented to a client. I purposely chose processes such as hear transfer and hand embroidery as these are processes that can be used at home, especially useful to anyone looking at setting up their own customised textile business.

10392330_10152381213787982_6436557597839078729_n 10429238_10152381213647982_1573881293079354743_n 10527331_10152381213192982_6364646010839214487_n 10565120_10152381214057982_1462663070061305916_n

‘Urban Wildlife’ workshop at CGP Gallery

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On Friday I taught a one day workshop for 6 -14 year olds at CGP Gallery.

The theme was ‘Urban Wildlife’ – I started by getting the children to draw their school playground in fine-line pens, then make animals/creatures out of coloured paper and magazine imagery which they imagine visit their school during the School holidays and what they might get up to

Tea parties for foxes and squirrels came to mind…

Yes this was my version

Veronica Rowlands Lesson plans (2)

This workshop planning is hard work 😉 ………..



Veronica Rowlands Lesson plans

This is one reason I love teaching children, they’re so creative and free!

CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (2) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (3) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (4) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (5) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (6) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (7) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (8) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (9) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (10) CGP Urban Wildlife Workshop (11)