Flesh Exhibition

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I’m currently working on a new series for ‘Flesh’ Exhibition at Espacio Gallery in July….. my dolls are taking a new twist which is focused predomenantly on the female form and looking at the beauty of aspects of the female  that wider society considers taboo.

Flesh Exhibition

A childood dream….evoked

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I know I said I was finished before but in true Artist style I painted over elements of my two new pieces and fluorescent pink is predominant in each.

I kept on looking at them and thinking they needed a lift, need a splash of childhood (this could be created using a gendered colour).

This fluorescent pink instantly takes me back to childhood admittedly I wasn’t your standard Barbie playing little ‘Princess’ I loved the idea of being a hero female knight, I played with ‘My Little Pony’ as well as owning a sword & bow and arrow made for me by my grandfather, I was still feminine and ‘girly’ but aspired to be a strong woman…a hero.


Now anything Kitsch…anything showing vintage dolls makes me feel nostalgic, it takes me back to this place where anything is possible, I was free to dream and safe…..


Veronica Rowlands 'Dream Abstraction' 10177981_608887639195244_6127196241858371860_n[1] 10255717_608951589188849_2134740955311636263_n[1]

New paintings, development…

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I’ve started two new paintings to add to my ‘Dream Abstraction’ Series (see below)

Veronica Rowlands 'Dream Abstraction

Here are the two new girls so far; I started with some Kandinsky inspired circles and flower paintings as a foundation layer which have been covered in white gesso and now the ladies are coming together…I just need to add some bright colours so they sit nicely with their sisters….

Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction

(Her hair has gold highlights which shimmer under the light).



Veronica Rowlands Dream Abstraction (2)

Acrylic, watercolour and gesso on Canvas, part of ‘Dream Abstraction’ series.



Olympic Fashion Illustrations.

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In May I shall be exhibiting my work at ‘The Idea Store’ (Canary Wharf branch) and with the 2012 Olympics being hosted in East London I felt this would be a fitting theme.

I am going to use vintage pin-up girls as my main source of inspiration, aiming to create a collection of Fashion Illustrations with these ladies very elegantly playing sports (in a teasing Pin-Up girl manner).

These images have sparked my imagination!