Hand embroidered cigarette trousers, digitally printed and hand embellished neck scarf (collaborative project with Fashion designer Ani Passarelli).

Semi-finalist for Hand & Lock Prize for Embroidery 2016


Textile prints - Veronica Rowlands

Printed Neckscarfs and handkerchiefs

Space Doll Skirt - Veronica Rowlands

Digitally Printed 1950’s style ‘Space Doll’ skirt


7ft Digital Prints

7ft Space Doll and Dapper Frog Digital Prints.

7ft hanging - Digital Print- Veronica Rowlands

7ft ‘Space Doll’ Digital Print


Close-up - Kitty neckscarf Neckscarf

Heat Transfer neckscarfs

suit lining-New Designers mag

Digitally printed suit lining


Veronica Rowlands- Dolly closeup

‘Space Doll’


Veronica Rowlands- Fashion Frog

Hand Embroidery

34024_404336782981_2868169_n1 34024_404336787981_7563782_n1 34114_404337237981_2713180_n1 34238_404330452981_2407758_n1 34604_404333107981_2999792_n1 34629_404337342981_3282366_n1 36692_404332967981_4106305_n1 36903_404337777981_5417285_n1 36903_404337792981_7376606_n1

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